July is National Carpet Cleaning Month (no it’s not made up, there is literally a time for everything). And what better way to celebrate this month than go over some carpet cleaning tips. Carpet cleaning is an important chore for property owners and office managers. Whether you manage a condo, apartment complex, office building, or recent construction, knowing the right and best way to keep your carpets clean is essential

Use The Right Carpet Cleaning Products

Let’s start at the most basic level of carpet cleaning. Are you using the right machines and the right products? A simple vacuum can be great for day to day messes and even weekly cleanings, but it is not ideal. Carpet health is dependent on keeping the microfibers clear of debris. Vacuuming can clean up some crumbs, dirt, and dust, but it really only works on a surface level. To clean the deeply you need to use steam-clean technology. A deep carpet cleaning is recommended every few months to extend the life of your carpet and improve your building’s air quality and smell. As for products, if you manage a condo or apartment building, stay away from harmful chemical products that can be harmful to children and pets. There are many all-natural and ecological carpet cleaning products that are just as effective on stain removal as their not as safe competitors.

Clean Your Carpets Often

When was the last time your carpet was cleaned? Hopefully, you were able to get a few cleanings or more done during spring cleaning. Generally speaking, you want to keep your carpets clean on a regular basis. This is especially true for high traffic areas. Lobbys, stairwells, and hallways should be cleaned weekly or at least bi-weekly. And once again, although a vacuum cleaner is great for the small daily messes, it cannot replace the cleaning power of steam-cleaning technology.

Hire A Commercial Cleaner

It’s National Carpet Cleaning Month, why not celebrate by having your carpets professionally taken care of. The best way to get your carpets cleaned is to have it done professionally. There is no equal alternative for carpet cleaning than having a team with the right technology, products, and experience clean your carpets. Not only will it make your carpets look cleaner, but it will also improve air quality as well.

Contact Champion Cleaning

Do you manage a property in New England, hire Champion Cleaning to take care of any of your cleaning needs. From carpet cleaning to windows, floors, and restrooms, our team of cleaners works efficiently to get you the best results on your carpets. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started.

Tips for National Carpet Cleaning Month 2019
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