Owning hardwood floors provides many benefits. Hardwood floors are aesthetically beautiful, add value to a property, & improve a home’s energy efficiency. Hardwood floors can be an investment when it comes to general upkeep. Many property managers do not properly clean their hardwood floors, especially in common areas. Wooden floors can take a lot of damage if not cleaned frequently and be damaged further if they are cleaned incorrectly.

What Affects How Often Should I Clean My Floors?

It goes without saying that you should clean your floors whenever a mess happens. This is especially true for liquid messes because they can soak into the floor and damage the wood’s integrity. However, beyond cleaning up food spills and other day-to-day messes, you should be cleaning your floors routinely. How often you clean your floors can depend on a few factors. Factors include how many occupants there are, seasonal problems, and how often your floors are professionally maintained. Properties with pets and children should expect to have their floors cleaned more often. The winter and spring seasons also can cause problems with your wooden floors because of road salt and mud.

One way you can decrease damage to your floor is not wearing shoes on hardwood floors which track in dirt and debris that damage your floors varnish. Overall, it is recommended that homeowners clean floors weekly in high trafficked areas. However, most property managers choose to have their common areas cleaned monthly in order to avoid inconveniencing tenants.

How Should I Clean My Floors?

Many property managers make the mistake of not having their floors cleaned correctly by either cleaning the floors themselves or not cleaning them regularly. The best way to ensure that your floors are cleaned properly is to sweep and vacuum first, then mop with a detergent solution, followed by mopping with water containing no detergent. For property managers that maintain their own common areas or have a local service, it is important to have an effective drying method to return your property working condition quickly and efficiently.

Should I Have My Floors Professionally Cleaned?

A good deal of property managers hires a professional cleaning service for their routine cleanings. The common area of your apartment or condo building makes a big impression on any incoming would-be tenants. Keeping floors well maintained is necessary for protecting your investment.

At Champion Cleaning we provide cleaning services for apartment managers, new building developments, condos & office buildings. We specialize in keeping common areas clean so you can protect your investment. Contact us today for a free quote.

How To Properly Clean Your Property’s Hardwood Floors
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