No one can understate the value of a clean building. Property managers and real estate companies know that more than anyone. It is vital that from the lobby to the stairs to even the basement, that your building is clean. Cleanliness not only looks good but it also inhibits the spread of germs and bacteria. But of course, the greatest benefit of a clean building is that it keeps your current tenants happy and renewing their leases, while also effectively demonstrating the value of your building to new tenants. As a commercial cleaning company, we believe there is no better salesperson than a clean building. However, there are many areas that can be difficult to keep clean with just simple janitorial services.

Keeping Apartment Floors/Carpets Clean

High traffic areas are consistently the first place to get dirty. Especially for buildings that house pets or small children. Without proper entrance matting, your carpets and floors are likely to get destroyed by tracked in mud, dirt, road salt, and debris. And even with matting, it is likely that these areas will get damaged. Lobbies and hallways are consistently worn down. And a worn-down carpet makes a building look outdated and uncared for. A vacuum is not going to remove stains or deep set-in dirt. Steam cleaning technology cannot be replaced when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. And floors need to be buffed and washed instead of simply swept. By setting up quarterly or monthly cleaning services, you can efficiently keep these areas clean year-round. Many property managers even set up commercial cleaning appointments right before the peak seasons for apartment showings. This extra step can be the difference between looking like a professional building that someone wants to move into, and a messy uncared for building.

Commercial Cleaning For Bathrooms/Kitchens

Let’s face it, a lot of tenants do not properly clean kitchens or bathrooms when they move out. And you cannot show a new tenant a messy bathroom or kitchen during a walk-through. Unlike carpets and floors, a messy bathroom doesn’t just look unprofessional, it looks unsanitary. Commercial cleaners will use industrial products to make your next tenant think they are the first tenant. Plus, Champion Cleaning offers restroom supplies so that the room is already fully stocked for move-in day. Even small details like this can make a difference for new tenants when imagining themselves living in one of your units.

Apartment/Condo Basement Cleaning

We’re not just talking about having your basement organized, if your basement is accessible for tenants it should be periodically cleaned. Some apartments with shared laundry machines or bike storage allow their tenants to use the basement. If that is the case for your building, you want to make sure your basement is well lit, vacuumed, and cleaned of any traces of mold. Many real estate agents will show tenants the basement if it is a common area, and you do not want tenants to see cobwebs, dust, and puddles. Scheduling routine cleanings for all of your common areas goes a long way during the selling process.

Cleaning Outdoor Areas

Cleaning your outdoor areas is not necessarily hard, as it is more often forgotten. But if your building’s walls have rust or mildew on the side, or if windows look uncared for, it is going to send the wrong message. Tenants can spend 15-30 minutes waiting outside for their realty agent to show up with keys. In that time, first impressions are formed. Champion cleaning works on exterior walls, awnings, windows, and can pressure wash your outdoor area.

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The Hardest Areas To Keep Clean in An Apartment Building
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